March WPRA Legislative Update

  • Wisconsin’s Legislative Session. This week, the Wisconsin legislature adjourned the 2023-24 legislative session. The Assembly adjourned several weeks ago in February and the Senate’s last day was Tuesday, March 12. Barring any extraordinary circumstances, the legislature is not expected to reconvene until January 2025.
  • New maps. On February 19, Gov. Evers signed into law his own redistricting proposal (now 2023 Wisconsin Act 94) after the Republican-controlled Wisconsin Legislature adopted it. Under Gov. Evers’ maps, Senate Republicans appear likely to maintain a majority after the 2024 elections, though their margin is certain to shrink (currently, it is 22-10, with one vacancy in a strongly Democratic district) and Democrats will have the advantage in the 2026 election. Assembly Republicans will also see their lead reduced (currently, it is 64-35) and control of the Assembly could be in play if Democrats have a good election cycle.
  • Heading to the Governor’s desk. WPRA has been monitoring several bills closely this session that have now passed both houses and are headed to the Governor for his review. The Governor can decide to veto or sign the legislation into law. This includes: