About Us

Founded in 1965, the Wisconsin Park and Recreation Association is a statewide, voluntary organization dedicated to enriching the professional and educational opportunities available to personnel in parks, recreation, aquatics, and related fields, so that they may better service the needs of their communities and or participants, and to advocating and promoting the benefits of parks and services to the general public.

The Wisconsin Park & Recreation Association is a membership association that represents over 1,500 individuals delivering a broad spectrum of services in Wisconsin. Members include Park, Recreation, and Aquatic professionals in local, county, state, school district, private, and agency settings. WPRA also represents public Park and Recreation Boards and Commissions, students, commercial firms and Emeritus (retired) members. 

WPRA provides professionals and agencies with leadership, engaged communities, advocacy and development opportunities to promote the benefits of park, recreation, environmental and cultural services throughout Wisconsin.

WPRA strives to improve the quality of life for all of Wisconsin by demonstrating and supporting the critical services provided by the Park and Recreation profession related to wellness, conservation and social equity.

Values - LEAD
LeadershipWPRA is committed to providing leadership through sustainable governance, professional education, membership diversity, public policy and effective communication resources.

Enhance CommunityWPRA promotes healthy living, social equity, conservation and economic development through sustainable facilities, programs and services which foster quality of life throughout communities.

AdvocacyWPRA promotes the benefits of park, recreational, environmental and cultural services to residents, local and state leaders.

Develop Opportunities and ResourcesWPRA is dedicated to providing its members with diverse opportunities and resources through education, networking, leadership and innovative practices enhancing quality of life services.