Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Committee


The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee is committed to creating and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within WPRA and across recreation departments and local communities in the State of Wisconsin. We seek to hold ourselves accountable for implementing policies and procedures that combat discrimination of any group and are committed to taking action to create meaningful change. By bringing people together, we believe we can create an environment in which they feel comfortable and from which they can benefit.

Committee Goals: 

  • Create a DEI Statement for WPRA
  • Work with WPRA Committees to advance DEI goals/objectives
  • Assist WPRA Committees in developing measurement tools and improve inclusive practices
  • Provide DEI Training for WPRA membership 
  • Align WPRA with NRPA DEI goals

2024 Committee Members: 

  • Co-Chair: Lael Pascual
  • Co-Chair: Adrienne Lacy
  • Member: Michelle Porter
  • Member: Robert Perry
  • Member: Michelle Borkovec
  • Member: Leah Wicander 
  • Member: Terri Vosters
  • Member: Nicole Yost
  • Member: Ruth Lopez
  • Member: Matthew Vanderkamp
  • Member: Andrew Rossa 
  • Board Liaison: Stephanie Schlag - Immediate Past President