September WPRA Legislative Update

  • After a summer post-budget break, both houses of the Wisconsin legislature reconvened this week to take a up a variety of legislative items, including redistricting, child care regulations and the appointment of the state’s Elections official.
  • For the Wisconsin Assembly, the session focused on redistricting efforts, after introducing a fast-tracked bill earlier this week to adopt the “Iowa-style” model for the development of the legislative maps.
  • Also, the Wisconsin Assembly advanced along a party-line vote, a slightly revised $2.9 billion tax cut plan to lower the state’s third income bracket from 5.3% to 4.4%. Governor Evers has already publicly stated he will veto the plan.
  • The Senate meanwhile, focused their time on the floor to take up the appointment of Megan Wolfe, the head of the state’s Elections Commission.
  • The Senate voted along party lines to remove Wolfe as the state’s administrator, immediately kicking off a court battle on if the Senate brought the proceedings illegally.
  • WPRA is carefully monitoring all these high-level developments and also monitoring legislation of interest. Read more on the policy we are tracking in the tracking report.