December Legislative Update

Happy Holidays from the Wisconsin Capitol! The tree is lit, the freshman legislators are moving in, and political optimism is renewed for the next 2023-25 legislative session.

For the last several months, the WPRA PPC has been busy discussing, researching, and assembling our legislative priorities for when session begins. These priorities include:

  • Fix Local Government Funding
  • Continued Support for the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program
  • Maximize Trail Funding
  • Strengthen the Park & Recreation Workforce
  • Support for Child Nutrition & Feeding Programs

While those are the issues we will be proactively working on next session, there is always some fun surprises along the way. Make sure to follow along on the ride, read the PRMonthly Legislative Updates and Tracking Reports, and reach out to the WPRA team if you hear of a legislative issue of interest – and of course 

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2023-24 Legislative Session: New Members

Following the November 2022 election, the Wisconsin Legislature will have 31 new members, nearly 25 percent of its total membership. This turnover was almost entirely due to legislators retiring or seeking other offices.

Only Rep. Don Vruwink (D-Milton), who was moved into a differently numbered district due to redistricting, lost his bid for reelection. Shortly after the election, Sen. Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) retired, setting up a special election to select her replacement.

In the 33-member Senate, there will be seven new members, five Republicans and two Democrats. Senator-elect Tomczyk (R-Mosinee) will be brand new to the Legislature; the other new members currently serve or have served in the Assembly.


5        R        Rob Hutton
15       D        Mark Spreitzer
19       R        Rachael Cabral-Guevara
23       R        Jesse James
25       R        Romaine Quinn
27       D        Dianne Hesselbein
29       R        Cory Tomczyk

In the 99-member Assembly, there will be 24 new members, 16 Republicans and eight Democrats.


5        R        Joy Goeben
6        R        Peter Schmidt
10       D        Darrin Madison
13       R        Tom Michalski
15       R        Dave Maxey
19       D        Ryan Clancy
27       R        Amy Binsfeld
31       R        Ellen Schutt
33       R        Scott Johnson
43       D        Jenna Jacobson
45       D        Clinton Anderson
46       D        Melissa Ratcliff
52       R        Jerry O’Connor
54       D        Lori Palmeri
55       R        Nate Gustafson
59       R        Ty Bodden
61       R        Amanda Nedweski
68       R        Karen Hurd
73       R        Angie Sapik
74       R        Chanz Green
79       D        Alex Joers
80       D        Mike Bare
83       R        Nik Rettinger84       R        Bob Donovan